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Late Night Tackles Trump versus Congress

Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah explore what Democrats can do about Trump's stonewalling, including Congress jail

Financial markets aren't responding well to President Trump's deal-confounding threat to raise tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods, and Trump doesn't appear to know that Americans are the ones footing the bill for his China tariffs, Stephen Colbert said on Tuesday's Late Show. "So he's willing to tank the economy just to look like a tough guy with China. 'Hey, China? Want to see how strong I am? Well, stand back while I punch myself in the face.'"

"But the big story is everything that's not happening in Washington," Colbert said. For example, "Attorney General William Barr did not appear before the House Judiciary Committee, where he did not have to answer questions about all the things he did not disclose about the Mueller report, which did not exonerate the president. So in short, we have a functioning democracy — not." The Trump administration also ordered former White House Counsel Don McGahn not to hand over subpoenaed documents, is trying to stop Robert Mueller from testifying, and refused the House's lawful request for Trump's tax returns.

"So Trump won't give the co-equal branch of government, Congress, any of the things that they have subpoenaed," Colbert said. "What can the Democrats do about that? Well, one solution is to impeach Trump — but that's exactly what he wants, according to the person who could make that happen."

Congress also has its own jail and police force, Trevor Noah noted at The Daily Show. "The House Democrats are on the verge of holding the attorney general in contempt of Congress, which means, technically, he could get arrested. And I know it's extremely unlikely, but man, wouldn't that be exciting? Like, wouldn't it be exciting if this whole thing just ends in a standoff at the White House? The Capitol Police storming the Oval Office, Trump and his people taking a final stand like Scarface? And then Trump just pulls out Jeff Sessions from a hidden drawer — he's like, 'Say hello to my little friend!'" Watch below. Peter Weber