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Zelensky presents Biden with Ukrainian military medal

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky presented President Biden with a Ukrainian military medal during his visit to the White House on Wednesday, a show of thanks to the U.S. amid Ukraine's war with Russia.

Zelensky awarded Biden a medal from a Ukrainian soldier who requested it be given to "a very brave president," Zelensky said, per The Independent. Biden thanked his counterpart, and said the award was "undeserved, but much appreciated." In turn, Biden also promised to give the Ukrainian soldier a command coin from a U.S. battlefield in Iraq, where the president's son, Beau, had fought.

Zelensky's visit to Washington, D.C. is his first trip outside Ukraine since the beginning of the war. His meeting with Biden was arranged to announce additional U.S. aid to Ukraine, including a Patriot missile battery. "We are going to continue to strengthen Ukraine's ability to defend itself, particularly in air defense," said Biden in the pair's meeting. "We stand with you; you have been a great leader."

Biden and Zelensky also held a press conference at the White House and will subsequently deliver comments to a joint session of Congress. 

"All my appreciations ... from my heart, from the heart of Ukrainians, all Ukrainians from our nation, strong nations, all appreciation to you for your big support and leadership," Zelensky told Biden.