“Campaign cad John Edwards' cheating ways made his wife, Elizabeth, sick to her stomach—literally,” said Celeste Katz in the New York Daily News. In her upcoming book, Resilience: Reflections on the Burdens and Gifts of Facing Life’s Adversities, Elizabeth Edwards reveals that she vomited after hearing the news that her husband had cheated on her with his videographer, Rielle Hunter. She also, justifiably, “lashes out at Hunter.”

What’s interesting though, said Women on the Web, is that Elizabeth Edwards “does not once use the name” of her husband’s mistress in the book. In fact, Edwards “did not write a cutthroat book that harshly attacks those who betrayed her.” She does refer to Hunter as “pathetic,” but otherwise demonstrates a lot of restraint.

“Elizabeth Edwards is a resilient woman,” said Barb Shelly in the Kansas City Star, “and I admire her in many ways.” But she’s also “something of an enabler.” She knew John Edwards was cheating on her with Rielle Hunter before he started campaigning for president. I have to “wonder why, when he decided to run against all good sense, she stood at his side so publicly.”