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Caitlyn Jenner vows to 'stay involved' in politics after California recall loss

Caitlyn Jenner's California gubernatorial campaign didn't exactly "work out," but might she run for office again?

The former athlete and reality TV star co-hosted The View on Tuesday after coming up short in her recall bid against California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), drawing about one percent of the vote. Asked if she'd seek office again, Jenner confirmed she would, adding, "I want to stay involved." She also said that even though the campaign didn't "work out the way we wanted," it "opened my eyes to political life," and she intends to continue fighting to make the Republican Party "more inclusive." 

Newsom earlier this month survived an effort to recall him, with about 62 percent of voters deciding he should remain in office. Jenner was one of 46 candidates seeking to replace the governor, and on election night, she expressed surprise that "this many people actually voted to keep [Newsom] in office." She added, "Honestly, it's a shame. You kind of get the government you deserve." Jenner drew criticism during her campaign after leaving the state to go to Australia to film Celebrity Big Brother, which she defended by saying she had to honor a prior commitment to the show. She also faced scrutiny after she said in an interview she didn't vote in the 2020 election, only for records to show she actually did

During the discussion on The View, Jenner acknowledged that former President Donald Trump, who she previously supported, "had his messaging issues," to which co-host Sunny Hostin shot back, "He had an insurrection issue, and a couple of impeachment issues as well." Jenner said she wasn't there to defend Trump but agreed Republicans "need better candidates," calling for "old school" members of the party to "move on" and make room for a new generation.

"The Republican Party needs to change," Jenner said, "and to be honest with you, I am the poster child for change."