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The Lincoln Project tunefully mocks Trump's COVID-19 balcony scene in an Evita homage

President Trump, true story, is a big fan of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Evita. The Republicans behind the Lincoln Project are fans of poking Trump. And the president's theatrical return to the White House from Walter Reed hospital on Monday night was so over-the-top and autocracy-adjacent that this ad, joining the two amusements, probably all but wrote itself. (It did not sing itself, however, and kudos to the vocalist who brings Covita to life.)

If Weird Al Yankovic can do semi-serious original political commentary in The New York Times, it seems fair that a serious super-PAC can pull a Weird Al. And if you think it unfair or unkind to use something Trump loves against him, it isn't the first time "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" has been used to mock Trump, even in the past two years. And, let's be honest, the Lincoln Project could easily have gone much darker. Peter Weber