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How I Met Your Mother cut the mother's funeral from its finale

Facebook/How I Met Your Mother

One reason many fans didn't like How I Met Your Mother's ending was how abruptly it leapt from the mother's death of unspecified illness to Ted bringing the blue French horn to Robin. Now, Alyson Hannigan has revealed that a deleted scene would have helped with the transition.

Hannigan told TV Line that the episode originally included a scene at the mother's funeral, but that the showrunners ultimately nixed it because it was "just too gut-wrenching." The scene, however, could have provided closure for Ted's relationship with the mother, and perhaps warmed audiences to the idea of his moving on and spending his last years with Robin.

Similarly, Josh Radnor told Vulture last month that the finale also included a deleted scene in which he and Robin catch up over lunch after running into each other at the newsstand. Aside from explaining the rekindling of their relationship, the conversation allegedly also elaborated on Robin's bullfighting career — the mystery of which is the real problem with the show's final episode.