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Inside every issue, children will discover amazing facts, explore world events and be inspired by ideas and stories that spark family conversations and nurture curiosity. From current affairs to arts and crafts, our award-winning magazine is a weekly treat for your child that can help build a reading habit for life.

What’s inside?

Each issue of The Week Junior presents a world of information in 32 colourful and fact-packed pages. Whether we’re helping kids navigate the news, supporting their wellbeing, or engaging them with fun interactive features, our award-winning magazine includes something to inspire and delight every child.

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Unlock your child’s super skills

The Week Junior helps children grow in confidence, feeds their curiosity, and prepares them for a world of new experiences, environments and opportunities. Here are six essential life skills The Week Junior supports:

Reading for pleasure 

A regular home reading routine creates confidence, builds vocabulary and supercharges writing skills. It’s also proved that reading for pleasure helps children relax,and  increases empathy and happiness.


Expert advice on our weekly Wellbeing page empowers readers to take care of themselves, boosting their mental health, positivity and resilience.

Critical thinking  

Our Big Debate feature invites children to explore new ideas and consider multiple perspectives, giving them the power to form and express their own opinions.


Discovering fun facts and extending general knowledge encourages curiosity and nurtures a love of learning that will last a lifetime. 

Problem solving  

Tackling our puzzles flexes their mind-muscles and develops powerful problem-solving skills. Our weekly quiz tests memory and comprehension.


Exploring world events and discovering how people help others inspires readers to become engaged and responsible citizens.

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