6 breathtaking homes in Colorado It doesn't hurt to look!
A home in Placerville, Colorado.
Netflix is giving up on its best original show "Mindhunter" is the latest victim of the streaming service's ruthless calculations
A scene from Mindhunter.
7 cartoons on Trump's Senate impeachment trial Artists take on Pelosi's delay, Trump's GOP enablers, and more
Political cartoon.
Corruption in Ukraine Ukraine gives Trump the corruption investigation he asked for, except it's into his own two-bit cronies. Whoops!
President Trump.
Did we win the trade war? How to understand Trump's "phase one" deal with China
President Trump.
Space is the place for impossible molecules Compounds with noble gases don't form naturally on Earth. But in the interstellar medium, they are helping scientists probe the history of the universe.
Space molecules.
Taking climate change to the courts Citizens, nonprofit organizations, and governments around the world are increasingly turning to the courts in their search for accountability
Australian wildfire.
Mitch McConnell's impartiality problem Should the Senate majority leader recuse himself from Trump's impeachment trial?
Mitch McConnell and President Trump.
Trump thinks Apple owes him your privacy And he wants to blackmail the company into giving it up
President Trump.
The legacy of grandma's country captain chicken We found the handwritten recipe on a folded, yellowing page. As my mother transcribed her mother's words, she remembered.
Anxiety is different for kids Here's what parents should watch for, and how to help
An anxious child.
Did Trump bet 2020 on Iran? The controversial Soleimani strike has created a war within the GOP that could cost Trump the election
Putin's power play Will Vladimir Putin spend the rest of his life as prime minister of Russia?
Vladimir Putin.
A tribute to the pushmi-pullyu What good is a Dr. Dolittle remake without this fanciful character?
A pushmi-pullyu.
"How do you keep the monarchy alive if people can choose how, when, and whether they will accept their birth and all it entails? Maybe you don't." The modernization of Prince Harry Can he and Meghan Markle "unbundle" royal-ness?
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
The case for Klobuchar Instead of going radical, Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar opts for what's reasonable
Amy Klobuchar.
Introducing The Week Junior You might have seen in the news that we are launching a new magazine for kids
The Week Junior.
The great uniter? Why Elizabeth Warren is betting big on party unity
Elizabeth Warren.
The paradox of Trump's trillion-dollar deficit Deficit spending has gone up dramatically under Trump. But has it helped the economy?
President Trump.
35 movies to see in 2020 From James Bond to arthouse auteurs, moviegoers won't be wanting for something to watch this year
2020 movies.
The anti-Trump? Why Bernie Sanders is the most consistently anti-Trump 2020 candidate
Bernie Sanders at the Des Moines debate
Frenemies Why the Warren-Sanders conflict was inevitable
Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.
'Look at the men on this stage' Elizabeth Warren gleefully reminds male candidates how many elections they've lost
Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
The hottest trend in book covers is colorful blobs Prepare to see amorphous shapes of suggestive colors all over bookstores this year